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Notary Public 

Upload A Document, Prove Your Identity, Connect With A Notary Public, We can notarize your document, from wherever you are. For a fee. 

Life insurance 

We work with more than 10 insurance carriers (companies) that sell insurance products such as term life, whole life, indexed universal life, mortgage protection, cash-back and more. For FREE. 


We do translation services. We have done certificate of birth document translations required by the USCIS, local county offices and so on. For a fee. 


We do interpretation services. For a fee. 


We have connections with community-based lawyers. We can connect you with community-based lawyers in the areas of USCIS-related cases, such as I-90, N-400, N-600, I-131, I-130, I-485, and so on. 

Legal name change

We can help you with changing your names. For a fee. 

Home loans

We have licensed loan officers that can help you with your home loan and home purchase needs. For FREE. 

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100% Guarantee

Although some services AND products are fulfilled by our third parties, we still provide 100% guarantee, or your money back! That's how much we trust all the services and products available on our Shadaw Journal's platform(s).
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