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Shadaw Journal's Services and Fees
ItemsCostsGuaranteed ServicesExplanations
Videography$700Up to 40 minutes video- 1st day for shooting the events
Add your favorite songs- 2nd day for editing the footages
Photography$300At least 200 pictures - 1st day for shooting the events
- 2nd day for editing the footages
30 gb USB Drive$30We can use your own- storage for all videos and photos
USB Drive, or we can - we promise to finish your video
buy one, at $30and photos within a week or less.
- If we lose all the footages,
we will give you $100.00
(you cannot ask for anything else)

Please check below to see for yourself on what we have done for our clients. You will not be disappointed. Ask around to see if you can get any cheaper prices than we offer here.

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