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ManagementNic SharDirector and President (
Khareh MosesDirector and Secretary (
Shee RehDirector and Treasurer (
Education Initiative Program
Mary Say
We builds and funds a library within Myanmar to help support students who are in need of a central venue to read and research.
Funeral Assistance Program
Francis Khoon
We make monetary donation, ranging from $1200 to $4200, to help with funeral expenses. We have made over $15,000 donations so far.
Youth Empowerment Program
Peterson Behreh
We annually bring together youths from all walks of life to celebrate and participate in competitions (soccer, volleyball, singing, dancing, etc). We give donations, awards to deserving artists.
General Entertainment Program
Su Reh
We upload, share, and promote photos and videos to our Youtube / Facebook that have a growing network of members and fans. We hold joint promotion with artists themselves.
Shee Reh

As shown above, Shadaw Journal manages 3 programs. We are mostly made up of young adults, hoping to make a small change in any way that we can. Most of us live in the United States while a few members of ours, however, live in Australia and Finland. While most of us work on Youtube by posting any Burmese-Karenni-related materials we can get our hands on, some of us work on Facebook Page or website, such as this one you are reading, by posting any useful information we can gather. As long as the information is Burmese-Karenni-relevant, we will post them.

We are always looking for good leaders AND volunteers. If you believe you are that person, please contact us. We have positions available, positions we think you will love to be a part of. Email us if interested. Thank you! 

Positions available..........

- Board of Director
- Program Directors
- Documentation Managers
- Programs Managers
- Media (Facebook) Editors 

Regional Office

Shadaw Journal

1510 Hade Falls Ln
Houston, TX 77073

(515) 599-6996 (Text and Call) message

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Due to COVID-19, we are postponing our annual YEP event, until further notice.
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