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General Sporting Rules

Any minor (less than 18 years old) involved in the event/competition must be accompanied by a guardian, or a parent, or a trusted person at all times. Without anyone of such authority, the minor is not to be included in the event/competition. Any minor participation means that he/she already has a parent’s permission to participate in the activities.

Your participation in any Shadaw Journal’s sponsored event means that you have read, understood and agreed to the implied and clearly-expressed “general sporting and competition rules” written herein.  Or, in the case of an illiterate person, you have been interpreted in a language that you understand by your team captain (or leader), or event organizer.


In a rare and unfortunate case that you are dead resulting from a Shadaw Journal’s sponsored sport/competition, your loved one (ones) is (are) not holding Shadaw Journal responsible in any way. Soccer, in particular, comes with a number of bodily and psychological arms, not limited to but including broken limbs, cuts and tears, sores and bruises, or even deaths. In such mentioned instances, Shadaw Journal will be held harmless, will not be sued, and will not be liable. Shadaw Journal can ask for charity in anyway that it can help. To prevent such bad instances in the first place, Shadaw Journal encourages every player, in any sport, that player be mindful of such tragic possibility and that player be cautious for his or her own safety.

In any dispute, Shadaw Journal and its officers reserve the rights to make an unbiased final decision based on the factual information gathered at the time of the conflict. No grudge is to be held against advisors, officers, referees, judges, and organizers appointed by Shadaw Journal.

Shadaw Journal is a non-profit Burmese-American organization, with the goals of providing educational, cultural, and social benefits to all Burmese-Americans. Therefore, any form of discrimination is prohibited. If you ever feel discriminated, you are encouraged to contact our sponsors or our directors, with a clear understanding that you will be held harmless in any way.

If you are found to have violated any “Don’t” rules, you will be asked to leave or excuse yourself from the sporting, competing, and gathering premises. (Don’t drink alcohol, don’t fight verbally or physically, don’t use drugs, don’t harass, don’t drive over the posted speed limit, don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t trash and more). Any registration fee is not to be refunded if you are being reprimanded. DO NOT BRING SHORT GUN OR LONG GUN (or any weapons at all) to the any Shadaw Journal's events (playgrounds, auditorium, cafeteria, gathering places). If you take prescription drugs or any kind of medications, you are NOT to drive to and from Shadaw Journal events.  

Dress Code
Uniform is required for the following sports such as cane ball, volleyball and soccer. Other "unnamed" sporting activities and competitions are recommended for dress code as well, however not required. If violation is found, no less than $20 but no more than $100 will be fined. Soccer shoes are supposed to be “rubber cleats,” NOT metal cleats are allowed. If “metal cleats” are found in a team, the whole team is ousted from the competition. Every active player must wear "protective" shin guards at all games.

$20 fine for each "yellow card." $40 fine each "red card." If you do not pay, your whole team is not allowed to play in the future. Fine is due immediately right after the game (and cannot to go pass a day, or it would be considered "non-payment," and your team will be banned from further participation.

Information Update
It is your responsibility to update yourself with the latest version of “Shadaw Journal’s general sporting and competition rules” either online or offline at Shadaw Journal, or via Shadaw Journal officers, or via your local event organizers.

You are encouraged to play safe. In the event that you get injured in any shape or form, you (and your team) are liable. You fully understand that playing in any sports/competitions can be dangerous and deadly, and that Shadaw Journal and any event organizers are not responsible for any kind of damage to our properties or lives. However, Shadaw Journal can provide some basic first-aid kits that are available in the field.

If you are found to commit any misdemeanor, you and/or your whole team will be removed from the sporting/competing premises. Proper authority will be notified, if required, for your forced removal. Any registration fee is not to be refunded.

Other violations
Proper authority will be immediately notified for warning, your arrest, forced removal, legal proceedings and more. Any registration fee is not to be refunded.

Players and Contestants
Correct spellings of names of players/contestants are required for documentation purpose. Nicknames, usernames, alias, or makeup names are not allowed. If found, the player/contestant or the whole team will be removed without any refund of the registration fees. A sport player, who has already played in a losing team, cannot join another team to play. If found, the whole team will be fined $100.00 excluding the registration fee, due upfront right away. For other non-sport-related competitions, however, the contestant may participate/compete again as long as an issue (schedule, manpower, conflict of interest, complaints, and etc.) is not conflicted/reported, right then and there, and also that as long as Shadaw Journal officers and event organizers agree to such repeated participation in competitions.

BRING IDENTIFICATION of some sorts to the event. Any picture identification is acceptable, including student ID, employee ID, state ID, green card, and etc. We might need to verify ID, making sure registration matches the actual participant.

Referees and Judges
You understand that any kind of decision, made by the referees or judges, represent the rules of the game and will be fully abide by your willing involvement in any sports or competitions. You also understand that their decisions are binding, impersonal and permanent.

Registration Fees
Due to funds needed to run a successful event, the non-profit Shadaw Journal collects funds (registration fees, membership fees, donations and etc., whichever applicable) to use in so many areas (rewards, facility fees, administrative fees, legal fees and etc.). Therefore, If a violation of any of the rules is found, some or all registration fees will not be refunded.

If schedules have been made or published, registration fee will NOT be refunded. If a registration has been more than 10 days old, no registration fee may be refunded. It is your duty to make sure that you are coming to the event after registration AND fee payment. We are not to be held responsible for not refunding the registration fees if you are not able to come for any reasons.

There is a couple ways to register. First, you can pay first and bring an updated list of players later, on the day of the tournament. Second, you can register now, and pay now. It does not matter which way it is, you MUST PAY FIRST to be included in the schedules. The only method to pay is ONLINE, and it is through PayPal set up and made available on If you already pay, you are all set. If you already pay, the names of players can be updated on the first day of tournament. You can always, always, and always update players’ names before the names. However, when a game is already started, you cannot add or delete players anymore from the team.

Sexual harassment
Proper authority will be immediately notified in regards to such law violation. It is above and beyond Shadaw Journal’s scope of knowledge. The law will take care of its own.

Shadaw Journal and its officers

Since Shadaw Journal is an official voice of the Burmese-American members, and you are a willing participant of the Shadaw Journal’s sponsored events, you are to support Shadaw Journal’s mission, vision, and objectives. Any deviation from any of these is unsupported.

If you are late for any event (sport, competition, agenda and etc.), you and/or your whole team will face the following penalty. Even a minute late is considered “late”. If a team is late for 15 minutes or less, 1 goal will be given to the opponent team. If late more than 15 or more, the late team is ousted for that particular game, which means the opponent team wins and gets 1 goal. If playing late, the minutes will be shorter than a normal game.

Soccer - A team must have enough players and can have a maximum of 24 players.
Volleyball - A team must have enough players and can have a maximum of 10 players.
Cane Ball (chin lone) - A team must have enough players and can have a maximum of 6 players.

Application of the rules and policy
You understand that certain policy or rule is not comprehensive, and further interpretation/ translation will be made available as the situation arises. And, you are to abide by the new policy, effective immediately.

Additional Rules
A player can only play in one team and one team only. The leader is responsible for the whole team members. During "round play," no extra time and no penalty will be given. Whoever gets the "red card" is ousted for one additional game, which is the very next game of the game he was being red-carded. No verbal argument with the judges/referees. Slide-kicking must hit the ball, or the player is ground for an automatic red card. Player cannot push, kick, block the goalkeeper. After a player is taking a break from a game, he/she is not allowed to play again for that particular game.  

This document is effective until further modification, without notice. Please check with Shadaw Journal, your local representatives, Shadaw Journal officers and event organizers for accuracy and clarification. DO NOT PRINT THIS OUT. (Last update, February 2016, May 2016, February 2017, May 2017).

On behalf of Shadaw Journal family, we like to thank George's Inc (and Mr. Gus Plumb) for the continuous charitable donation. Please visit their website here.

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